Hello World

Raspberry powered

Welcome to my website, an experiment in creating a personal website using free open-source software and tiny computers costing next to nothing. It's created using Joomla! and hosted on a raspberry pi.  Apologies if its a little slow owing to the underpowered device and overpowered CMS. Nothing to do with my inexperience and utter ignorance of optimisation, of course.

The heart of a good website


Site under construction

A web site is the natural place to put my CV on line, to provide a shop window to my consultancy services and to showcase some of the pictures I take. The site is still under development, page-by-page, and will soon provide a much fuller description of the types of projects I could undertake on your behalf. However, to begin with, check out my resumé and if you think I can help you contact me using the details you'll find there.


Where to start

If you're here to check out my CV then look here.

To lose a few minutes that you'll never get back looking at some images that I quite like, my photo gallery is here.

For all other things, you're on the wrong website. Can I suggest Asking someone for help here.

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